The Misunderstood Wing Man…

Let us start with the usual bad rap of the Wing Man.  Wing man takes one for the team and is essentially cannon fodder for you to get your prize. Wing Man has to take the fat ugly chick so you can score.  Wing man has to talk you up and be your cheerleader.  Wing Man is your boy who cant  get his own girl so he helps you score yours by running interference.  This really is not in the highest light of the True Wing Man and is often looked upon as his only skills.  We will discover why the hopeless romantic possess the skill to become a Serial Wing Man. Though the pic below is funny it is not the primary role of the Wing Man.

Nor is the old tried and true take one for the team.  Illustrated below.

The mark of a true Wing Man is not defined within these pictures but a much greater and overlooked life mission.

My Confessions will take us on a journey of Wing Manning  your closest friend into the relationship of their dreams.  These stories and techniques can be dangerous in the wrong hands  and be used in the club for that infamous “hit it and quit it” or one night stand.  But I warn you to expend your energy for something you can be proud of and that should be your boy or girls happiness.  If done right their spouse will always have a spot for you in their home and you will loose none of the hangout time with your boy because of his girl not liking you.  The Information I’ll be sharing has sparked relationships between social friends who always wanted to get together and never did or who were afraid to get together and didn’t know how.  These events led to long lasting relationships in which over 85%  of my victims ended up married and over 90% of those marriages are still functioning healthily and strong.

Next we will enter the Wing Man redefined establishing the Wing Man Protocol, Skills and Traits.

Stay tuned.


The Serial Wing Man


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