Serial Wingman Returns

It’s been a while friends but after a brief hiatus I’ve returned to get back to the task of demystifying the Wing man.

So when we last left off we were examining just how the Wing man was turned into this idiot who has actually missuses his natural ability.  So lets take a refresher of some visuals that made us laugh but are also sad.

So sad but so not necessary and neither is this.

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The true purpose of a Wing-man is to set the team up for victory. So when you see this happening the Wing-man is actually not fulfilling his mission requirements correctly.  A great Wing-man set the stage for a night or lifetime of happiness.  I’ll be moving us into the relationship aspects of Wing-manning.  How to help your boy or your girl get the life long  love of his or her life and show them the magic that keeps that relationship alive.

In this day and age of catch it, hit it, and release it we have a greater miss understood need for a wing-man.  Wing-man of the earlier generation from when I get most of my knowledge were designed to pair the ultimate couples together and be there to ensure their success.  We have some how gotten way away from that.

So stay tuned an be patient The Serial Wing Man is Returning in a big way. We will be establishing the Wing Man Protocols in demystifying Wing Man Purpose.


The Serial Wing-man