So… Do you have the balls to be a Wing Man/Woman

The Wing Man/Woman is the ultimate protector and fail safe for any mission you need to accomplish for a friend.  Be it chasing a one night stand or landing the man or woman of your dreams. When entering the combat of breaking the ice and establishing communication with the opposite sex  you can never go wrong having a professional Wing Man/Woman at your side.  The Primary role of the Wing Man/Woman is their friends happiness and well being.  The Wing Man/Woman is not selfish or thinking of him or herself while in this role.  The sole purpose is helping accomplish the task at hand whatever that may be.  A Wing Man/Woman is the guide to a successful strike or bugout when things aren’t right.

Following will be “Confessions of a Serial Wing Man” the stories of life where being The Wing Man payed huge personal happiness for me to see my fellow brother or sister happily in love and grateful for my help.  A hopeless romantic and true believer in love I’m  going to share my experiences in loves won and lost and how the Wing Man was the glue.

I warn you this is a selfless role not to be taken lightly.  Only the most secure and selfless person can become a Serial Wing Man/Woman.

Do You Have The Balls?  Can You Handle The Pressure?

Brighton Chase “Gunny” Cole

The Serial Wing Man.